CoolSculpting Reviews for Dr. Scott Gerrish

50yr Old Male with a Big Gut and Love Handles in Need of Some Help !

My wife had mentioned to me that she saw a commercial for Coolsculpting and that maybe I might be a good candidate for this type of treatment. I work out with weights, not much cardio but have noticed as I’m aging that my midsection is expanding and my clothes are fitting snugger than they used to. I do eat healthy (most of the time) but I’m not happy sucking in my stomach when I have to get in my slacks. So it was time for something drastic. I have zero time for “downtime” so this seemed like a great option. I did some research and this had some great reviews and before and after videos. I work in Virginia sometimes so I searched Vienna Coolsculpting and found dr Scott Gerrish- I liked that he had two machines so I could knock out my treatments in half- they were able to apply two different suction applicators at the same time to different parts of my midsection and love handles. I’m not 4 months from treatment and MY PANTS KEEP FALLING DOWN!!!! At first, I thought it was my jeans had stretched or that I was wearing the wrong size belt- but actually, it was that my love handles sort of locked my pants in place – I’m down a belt size and can’t believe my results. I’m So happy!!!!!! My gut is drastically reduced and it’s extra motivation to exercise even more.

Dr. Gerrish and Loretta spent a lot of time with me determining the areas that I would have the best outcome. They both were incredible and made sure I was comfortable throughout the treatments. I was there for several hours and they couldn’t have been nicer or more accommodating and incredibly knowledgable- I came to learn that Dr. Gerrish was actually the east coast medical director for the training center in Virginia- how lucky for me! I believe I had the best of the best! Thank you Dr. Gerrish and Loretta for my outstanding results! I want more!!

BradMay Vienna, VA

33 Yrs Old, Female, Absolutely Wonderful Results. PK2016 Vienna, VA

I am 5′ 7″, 155lbs, size 6/8, pear-shaped. This was my second round with CoolSculpting. I had the lower abs and flanks done. It has been 40 days and I already see a significant reduction in the lower belly “bump”. Flanks are not as noticeable but I can tell it made a difference because I no longer get the “muffin top” with a pair of pants that used to be too tight before the procedure. It takes about 3 months to see full results and I can’t wait! ? I also had another treatment on upper and lower abs last summer. Had a significant reduction at that time as well. Also, last time I had some minor “pins and needles” sort of feeling about a week after the procedure. It wasn’t anything I couldn’t handle though. I took some OTC painkillers and I was fine. This time has been completely pain-free. Did not feel a thing! I absolutely love my results and I definitely plan to have more areas treated.

I absolutely recommend the procedure and as well as the facility/doctor I used (Dr. Scott Gerrish). Dr. Gerrish and his staff are experts in coolsculpting and they train other doctors/nurses in proper CoolSculpting techniques. As the placement of the cups and the accuracy of the “draw” will impact your results, choosing an experienced provider is very important in coolsculpting.

PK2016 Vienna, VA

48 Years Old Wanted to Get Rid of my ‘Love Handle’

I have been a patient of Dr. Gerrish for over 16 years. I had different cosmetic procedures /Thermage, Botox Ultherapy from him over the years with great results. He is a great physician and when I told him about my problem areas on my side and stomach area, he recommended Coolsculpting. At first, the procedure was a little uncomfortable for about 5 minutes, but after that, I was laying down resting, and reading a book. Each week after the treatment the results got better and better! After 6 weeks I’m very happy! Thank you again Dr. Gerrish, definitely will be back! 5STARS

PK2016 Vienna, VA

Army Sergeant with a Baby and the Bulge That Wouldn’t Go Away! – Vienna, VA

Coming back on to duty was daunting after a baby. I was working on my body but my double chin was so embarrassing because it was the only bulge that my uniform didn’t cover! I’m now about four months out, and the happiest I am with my body in quite some time. I look at my neck in the mirror and I don’t have to focus on contouring and highlighting to minimize the appearance of fat. No more crazy makeup routine!!!

Dr. Gerrish put me at ease before the procedure. He and his medical assistant, Loretta, described the procedure, showed me the machine… They actually asked if the area they marked was the area I had in mind. I was so well informed and comfortable. Plus, I got to play with the Apple TV the whole procedure! Excellent bedside manner! Loretta followed up with me on my cellphone during the following days to make sure I didn’t have any problems or questions.

PK2016 Vienna, VA

Never Had a Flat Stomach and It Got Progressively Larger with Each Child.

I’ve never had a flat stomach and while it’s still not flat – after the cool sculpting treatment my stomach is back to looking as it did before 3 children! I’ve lost approximately five inches and now look as if I have a waist again! Down to my normal size pants and my tops fit and look better! I have much more confidence in myself and have started a consistent workout routine and making sure to eat much more healthy food. Very happy with the treatments and would do it again!

Very good experience, was a bit nervous however was reassured and the person doing the procedure made me feel very comfortable and confident. I would definitely go through it again!


Coolsculpting and CoolToning Fan!

27 Jun 2020

What an amazing result in not just the way I look, but the way I feel. As a competitive runner and avid crazy exerciser, a few rounds of cool Sculpting on my sides, and some Abdominal Cool Toning has really made such a huge improvement. My runs are faster. My Insanity and Asylum Vidoes are stronger and I feel great! Highly recommend both and of course, would not do it anywhere else. Dr Gerrish and his staff are the finest!



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