What Is Gtox?

Dr. Scott Gerrish is hard-wired to constantly look for ways to make current treatments and protocols work better for all Gerrish MedEsthetics patients. As a Non-Invasive Cosmetic & Regenerative MedEsthetic Expert, Dr. Gerrish is always at the forefront of how to achieve the very best results for you, his patient, without undergoing plastic surgery or experiencing prolonged downtime.

Dr. Gerrish’s newest injectable procedure combines microtox with an exclusive regenerative component. This proprietary mixture contains messengers which help cells communicate with one another to naturally trigger the healing response, build collagen, and promote healthy, glowing skin. Gtox does not replace your favorite TOX but enhances its benefit. 

Gtox Targets 

  1. Reduction of fine lines, wrinkles 
  2. Improves skin brightness, tone and texture
  3. Decreases inflammation and redness
  4. Minimizes pore size

The Cellular City

“I have performed over 20 thousand injectable procedures from fillers to neurotoxins during my 25-year career. One is used to relax dynamic or static wrinkles and others are used to add volume. But something was always missing. How do we get the skin to activate from within to work like it did when we were younger? I developed a protocol, procedure, and injectable ‘cocktail’ that addresses rejuvenation within the skin. With the precision placement of the injectable, we can actually introduce the micro-sized, celluar-enhancing formula directly into the skin.

When we think skin and skin treatments, we think it is all surface and what you physically see in your mirror. But what lies beneath the skin is a very, very complex ‘cellular city structure with millions of passengers trying to get to work’.

Gtox injectable allows me to deliver targeted solutions that allow the passengers (cells) to live a healthier, more youthful life.” says Dr. Scott Gerrsh.

Gena Lee Nolin @genaleenolin

Actress, Author, Health Advocate

“I have been a patient for over a year now. I’ve just completed The Silent Lift as well as other non-surgical procedures. But let me tell you after just one Gtox session with Dr. Gerrish, my skin has never looked so radiant. 

Dr Gerrish’s proprietary Gtox is a profound skin changer.

Gerrish MedEsthetics Real Patient Gtox Reviews

I LOVE my Gtox treatment!


I LOVE my Gtox treatment! I had it done six week ago and I’m sold! I’m definitely coming back. I now have 20 year olds telling me how great my skin looks!

Susan R.

Oh my! The results are amazing


Oh my :0 I have had many facials, peels, injectables done over the years and loved all of my Gerrish MedEsthetics results….. but I have to tell you this is by far the best my skin has EVER looked. I feel like I am glowing from within. I feel absolutely radiant. Thank you Dr. G. You always bring us the best!!!!

Connie L.

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