Genius is the new intelligent solution to fighting aging skin and acne scars.

Genius treatments help provide lasting unparalleled outcomes with Intelligent RF (Radio Frequency) technology, delivering thermal energy through micro-needles into the dermis. The goal is to stimulate collagen production for impressive and long-lasting results. Achieve youthful skin without surgical downtime. The system senses the quality of your skin, and treatment can be adjusted for a great outcome. Genius is the smarter way to treat your skin, and it’s available at Gerrish MedEsthetics.

How Genius Works 

Lutronic Genius uses unique and intelligent technology to help protect the top layers of the skin while providing real-time feedback during the procedure. This allows for treatments on all skin types and colors, including tanned skin. By delivering customized energy precisely to the dermis, it creates a micro-injury to jump-start your body’s natural healing process for firm and renewed skin.

Minimal Downtime

Depending on your procedure and skin type, recovery can be as short as a single day, espcially with Dr. Gerrish’s post recovery treatment plan!

It’s Pure Genius

5 Ways the Genius system offers multiple treatment options with enhanced outcomes. If you ever wanted facelift-like results but did not want surgery…. talk to Dr. Gerrish about Genius.  It’s really a non-surgical facelift. 

  1. Skin Tightening
  2. Skin Rejuvenation
  3. Enlarged Pores
  4. Photo-aged Skin
  5. Scar Revision

Gerrish MedEsthetics Real Results Real Results. 30 days from before to after.

Here’s what a few of Gerrish MedEsthetics patients had to say about their Genius procedures:

Dr. Gerrish performed genius laser on...

October 23, 2020

If there was more than five stars rating for Dr Gerrish himself, his practice and staff I would give it. He is such an honest and skilled doctor. I went to him with many concerns and he gave all the time and attention to listen and explain carefully everything. He only advised me of the necessary procedures and assured me I don’t need all those extras I asked for. I appreciate his integrity, professional knowledge and all the attention and patience he gave me during the procedure, trying to make it as comfortable as possible. Thank you Dr Gerrish and to all your staff. I already started recommending him to all my friends.


I will continue to go to Dr. Gerrish because I know that I am in the best hands possible.

June 19, 2020

I had a great experience getting Genius treatment. Dr. Gerrish explained everything that I should expect before my treatment began. This made me feel so comfortable. I am thrilled, so far, with the results of my treatment. I will continue to go to Dr. Gerrish because I know that I am in the best hands possible. I must also mention that his staff could not have been any kinder or more welcoming. They made me feel so comfortable and at ease.

Connie B

He has a great team and I will definitely recommend Sheila to all my clients and friends!

June 26, 2019

I am so excited about the treatment I had at Gerrish MedEsthetics today. Sheila was amazing. She is very knowledgeable about all aspects of skincare and the procedures she performs. I didn’t know exactly what to expect. She spent so much time before the procedure explaining what it would feel like, what she was doing, and what results I could expect. She made sure I was comfortable and continually let me know what she was doing step by step. The treatment is called Genius…, followed by LaseMD. Afterward, Sheila put a mask on me for 15 minutes. Last but not least she applied exosomes (which Sheila explained helps in achieving the best results from the treatment )

Gerrish MedEsthetics is beautiful, all the staff is so friendly. I was so happy to see Dr. Gerrish, I have known him for more than 20 years….he never changes …always so warm and the best at what he does. He has a great team and I will definitely recommend Sheila to all my clients and friends!

Eileen R.

TLC and Results - Great Combination!

August 24, 2019

My fifth year of RF micro-needling, now call Genius, is keeping my face and neck looking really youthful. I would recommend it wholeheartedly to anyone seeking a tightening that lasts (thus my annual perk-up). I also love their strategic application of both Botox and other fillers for a natural appearance. All the MedEsthetics staff are highly knowledgeable in their area of expertise and caring.



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