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miraDry Fresh Procedure Developed by Dr. Scott Gerrish

After working with miraDry® for many years Dr. Scott Gerrish developed a signature numbing protocol and procedure to make it painless, more comfortable, and less intimidating… especially for those who are needle-phobic. The new miraDry Fresh protocol is now being used worldwide.

According to Dr. Gerrish, 8 out 10 miraDry® patients actually fall asleep during the procedure. See for yourself how this revolutionary numbing technique works and (more importantly) the patient’s response at the conclusion of this training video.

Note: this video is made available so that leading doctors around the world can learn Dr. Gerrish’s unique miraDry® approach.

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Anesthesia Delivery with Syringe Adapter for miraDry® (Modified Technique)  by Dr. Scott Gerrish


The miraDry® System uses microwave energy to provide patients with a significant reduction of sweat and hair in the axillae. When used for the reduction of sweat and hair, patients may also experience a reduction in odor. miraDry has a high efficacy rate and patients are extremely satisfied in as little as one treatment.

The miraDry procedure requires 3 simple steps: determine the treatment size using the hair bearing area, …

Sientra Launches New miraDry fresh™ Protocol for the miraDry® System at American Academy of Dermatology Annual Meeting

New miraDry fresh Protocol Makes the miraDry Treatment Simpler and Reduces Procedure Time by up to 35%

SANTA BARBARA, Calif., Feb. 16, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — miraDry, Inc., a subsidiary of Sientra, Inc. (NASDAQ:SIEN) (“Sientra” or the “Company”), a medical aesthetics company, today announced the launch of a new, improved treatment protocol for the miraDry system. Launching at the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) Annual Meeting in San Diego, CA, February 16-18, 2018, the new miraDry fresh protocol reduces overall procedure time by up to 35%, resulting in a treatment that can be administered with greater ease and is more delegatable.

The miraDry treatment is the first and only FDA-cleared solution to permanently reduce underarm sweat, odor, and hair of all colors with as little as one treatment, in one hour with immediate results. The new, optimized miraDry fresh treatment protocol and software upgrade offer miraDry providers several significant benefits:

Overall procedure time reduced by up to 35%, enabling miraDry treatments to be performed in one hour or less Revised anesthesia process, that is simpler, faster and enables the treatment to be delegated more easily

Simplified template designs that better conforms to miraDry clinician needs and usage patterns. The new Template System is now consolidated into only four treatment templates and offers an improved visual design that simplifies the procedure, increases ease of use, and provides better tattoo transfer to the treatment area.

The miraDry fresh protocol is the second innovation within three years to bring greater value to existing miraDry providers worldwide. …


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