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Dr. Scott Gerrish

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A 360-degree approach that maximizes face and neck rejuvenation without surgery.

The Silent Lift- Proprietary Procedure developed by Dr. Scott Gerrish

The Silent Lift®, developed by Dr. Scott Gerrish, is a unique and highly individualized 360-degree approach that maximizes face and neck rejuvenation without surgery. Due to his extensive esthetic and engineering experience, along with a proven history of protocol development, Dr. Gerrish takes a multidimensional approach to achieve non-surgical results that rival surgical facelifts. Utilizing the most current state-of-the-art technologies combined with cutting-edge regenerative therapies, the Silent Lift® is producing amazing results with minimal to no downtime.

"My patients are so thrilled with the results they experience after our signature Silent Lift. I hear all the time how amazed they are with the results and all without surgery. "

Dr. Scott Gerrish

What Is Dr. Gerrish  The Silent Lift Procedure?

Why settle for one laser off a typical medspa menu when you can experience a revolutionary approach for firmer, tighter, lifted, and toned skin without surgery.

  1. A personalized treatment plan is tailored to each patient, combining the most effective procedure modalities to stimulate the skin’s natural collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid production.
  2. A complete post-treatment regimen that nurtures the skin’s natural healing process to minimize downtime. Patients see a 400% faster “post-procedure-bounce back” with Dr. Gerrish Exclusive Rapid Recovery Kit. (Even the top laser companies can’t believe the results Dr. Gerrish is achieving.) 
  3. An advanced post-treatment regenerative regimen to enhance collagen production and maximize the lifting and tightening of the skin.
  4. A proprietary regenerative skincare collection for continued collagen stimulation, available only to Dr. Gerrish’s private patients. 
  5. A strategic treatment plan for extending and maintaining results. 


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