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December 2, 2020 admin

I had CoolSculpting done June 21st in right and left abdomen and under breasts


I measure every week with no change today is my 6th week —at least the soreness has lessened some–still same “belly”-due for the second procedure on August 16th if I can handle pain–what should I get for after –rub on cream???? should I have it done again on 16th-past 6 weeks have been awful–HELP



With CoolSculpting you may begin to see an initial response around the 6th week. On average, it will take 12 to 16 weeks to see the final result. With you being at 6 weeks, I would not expect to see any significant changes yet. You still have another 6 to 10 weeks of improvement. While soreness can be present several weeks after the treatment, it is unusual to persist into the 6th week. I would recommend you follow up with your CoolSculpting provider to discuss your ongoing discomfort and to possibly push your second treatment further into the future until the area has fully recovered


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