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December 2, 2020 admin

CoolSculpting: No massage. The technician only very briefly rubbed the area


I had coolsculpting on my stomach but the technician only very briefly rubbed the area. I have read that massaging is very important to the coolsculpting results. Will I still see a good difference in the treated area even without the massage?


The most up-to-date protocol we teach at CSU is to perform a 2-minute manual massage after removing the treatment applicator. CoolSculpting will cause fat reduction with or without the massage, however, it has been shown that the manual massage will further increase the fat cell destruction, i.e. results when done properly. An experienced CoolSculpting provider may limit the massage or forgo it completely if the goal is to ‘feather in’ a bulge that purposefully needs less fat reduction. A discussion with the treating practitioner may help you in understanding your treatment


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