October 16, 2019 Beauty Editor

Hollywood Laser Peel, ​Non-Invasive Skin Treatment, Now At Gerrish MedEsthetics

The Carbon Spectra Peel or for those in the know The Hollywood Laser Peel is a no-downtime, painless procedure that immediately leaves your skin glowing, radiant and plumped up, with pores refined.

If you are looking to take your skin resurfacing to the next level, this highly effective treatment rejuvenates your skin with none of the downtimes of traditional laser treatments.

You will find Hollywood Laser Peel at our Scottsdale, Arizona, and Vienna, Virginia medical spas. Hollywood Laser Peel skin treatments make it possible to have a more youthful and bright appearance without having to worry about missing work or social events. Older, traditional laser procedures left the skin red, irritated, and scaling for weeks. This new innovative treatment is comfortable and quick (only taking 15-20 minutes) and you can immediately return to your normal activities.

"Give Your Skin The Hollywood Treatment With Zero Downtime"

Hollywood Laser Peel is a no-downtime procedure that helps rejuvenate the appearance of aging, damaged skin.
This gentle laser procedure is safe for most skin types. It evens skin tone, reducing the appearance of dulling pigment, fine lines, and will make your skin feel and look refreshed. According to Dr. Scott Gerrish, “The Hollywood Laser Peel is one of my favorite quick fixes for the skin. It’s much like the difference between running your car through the car wash to getting it completely detailed. All the subtle imperfections have been reduced and the complexion is now soft, smooth and glowing.” The treatment can be performed as a one-time treatment but has cumulative effects and works best when you have several sessions.

9 Amazing Hollywood Laser Peel Benefits
1. Improved skin tone & texture
2. Glowing skin
3. Smoother, softer feel
4. Reduction of fine lines
5. No downtime
6. Stimulates collagen
7. Very comfortable procedure
8. Safe for most skin tone
9. Pore reduction

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Gerrish MedEsthetics is ready to design the ideal treatment plan so you love, love, love what you see!!