October 29, 2021 Beauty Editor

Botox Do’s and Don’ts! 

Here is a quick checklist to make the most out of your BOTOX or Dysport Treatment from Sydney Neff, RN.

by Sydney Neff, RN

With everything going on in our lives, it can be easy to forget all of the rules your provider gives you during your Botox or Dysport treatment. Here is a quick checklist for all of the reminders you need re: making your wrinkles disappear!


  • come every 3-4 months for best results, going far past this window can cause wrinkles to reappear!
  • wait the full 2 weeks for full results
  • take your own before and after photos to track the progress, your injectors LOVE to see it!
  • have realistic expectations. For some people, deep static lines may not fully go away or may take multiple treatments to improve.
  • trust your injector when they tell you your dose. This is still a medical treatment! We want you to look your best, your dose is individually tailored to your anatomical needs.
  • expect to bruise, our face has blood vessels everywhere and sometimes bruises are unavoidable. Plan accordingly!


  • workout after your treatment, wait 24 hours.
  • drink alcohol or take NSAIDs the night before, as this can increase the risk for bruising.
  • rub the skin or put makeup on immediately after, keep the area clean and germ-free!
  • wear a tight hat/ headband or lay flat for 4 hours after your appointment, as it could cause unintentional migration of the Botox.
  • hesitate to follow up with your provider to make adjustments after it is fully kicked in, but remember after 2-3 weeks it is no longer a “touch up”.

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